NEED is engaging with important employers, to build relationships at a national and strategic level with a group of individual and local providers of support and assistance to people with disabilities looking to enter the world of work. They may be special schools, colleges, charities or local authorities.

By working with employers to provide placements, adjust recruitment processes and support people with disabilities, we aim to increase the outcomes for those people with whom we work.

It makes good business sense to engage with the widest possible consumer audience. For an average business, 20% of their customers are disabled people. A workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers it serves is good for business. It is estimated that disabled people spend around £80 billion a year on goods and services.

There is also a valuable internal benefit; a recent survey in the travel industry found that 88% of people working with a disabled colleague say that this experience is enriching and gave a new sense of value to their job.

The Louis Harry Survey found that 75% of people working with a disabled colleague think that the recruitment of disabled workers in their firm gives a positive image and influences them favourably in the perception of their employer

We can work with a huge degree of flexibility; We do not represent one area geographically, or indeed one disability. We don't have any financially driven imperative to find a person a job nor government contract with targets.

We simply wish to work with employers in mutually rewarding projects with significant benefits for both parties. The benefits for the students are clear, however benefits for employers, and those employees involved are significant, ranging from increased well being, increased disability awareness, higher productivity and a higher regard for their own employer due to the involvement in this project.

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